About Us


We are a mother-daughter team here to prove how abundant your food choices are despite allergy limitations. All our recipes are gluten, dairy & egg-free, and use whole, organic, anti-inflammatory ingredients! 


Who are you?

That’s my mom, that’s me. I hope to look like her in 20 years. I live in San Francisco and my mom lives with my awesome step-dad, dog and cat in Menlo Park. My mom graduated from the Holistic Nutrition Consulting Program at Bauman College, Berkeley and I work in the tech industry at a social media company. We think we make a pretty damn good food blog team. We've also coaxed Lissa Healy, an extraordinary woman, to assist us with editing.

What's the big idea?

Our passion for food has existed for as long as we can remember; cooking and eating has always been a frequent family activity. Sunday night dinners are a big tradition. The nutrition piece began when we both discovered significant food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies to some major food groups: gluten, dairy and egg. We both felt a sense of dread when we found out. “But what about cheese? What about bagels? What about brunch?” we thought.  Deborah dove in deep by eliminating inflammatory foods, working with her naturopathic doctor and taking the supplements she needed to heal her gut. After watching her go through the process and seeing how much healthier and happier she was, I decided to dive in too. Once we started reading labels, cooking with whole foods and paying attention to what we were putting into our bodies, we’ve never felt better. And when we eat something we shouldn’t, we can feel it.

We know others are in the same boat or are thinking about trying an anti-inflammatory diet, but may not know where to start. We can’t give you medical advice, but we’ve got the food and nutrition bit covered. You’ve come to the right place.

What's the goal of this blog?

Everything you put into your body affects you. What you consume is tied to hormone production, mood, sleep quality and general health. Additionally, we live during a time where the fast pace of our day to day lives has undermined cooking and enjoying mealtimes with family and friends as an everyday practice. Many of us have fallen prey to consuming our meals on the run and taking short cuts in food preparation by leaning on processed foods or cheap take out. There is an abundance of research demonstrating the link between consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD) and the increase in rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in this country. Because of our own declining health, we were forced to start making some changes with what we were eating and we’ve discovered how important and effective that change has been. Now, we want to share our knowledge with you! The more tools, tips and recipes you have to eat a whole foods diet, the more likely it is you’ll keep up the good habits.

What should I know?

  1. Your life isn’t over. In fact, it’s about to get BETTER. There is an abundance of food and recipes out there that are delicious and don’t require a stick of butter, cheese or whole wheat flour. You aren’t limiting yourself, you’re about to expand your world.

  2. You’ll have to make some lifestyle adjustments - like trying to buy organic and visiting your local farmer’s market. You’ll have to spend more time in the kitchen -- but we can’t stress enough how beneficial this is. Our kitchen is the heart of our home and we’ve had some amazing conversations while preparing meals together. There’s no greater joy to us than bringing people together over food. We think you’ll like it too.

  3. Jade is just starting her career and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on groceries every day and as a family of five, we know what it means to have busy homes. You’ll find that our recipes are a easy to prepare, affordable, fresh, whole, anti-inflammatory and delicious.