All in Lunch

Salad Topper

Turn your basic salad into something amazing with our nutrient rich salad topper. This nut and seed mixture has energizing healthy fats, including Omega 3s from hemp seeds, as well as a bounty of minerals to keep your body running strong throughout the day. We call this a salad topper, but encourage you to think bigger: avocado toast topper, mix into your favorite grain or just eat as a snack. The versatility of this mix makes it one of our kitchen’s pantry staples.

Kalua Pork

Looking for a winner dish to serve on game day? This super, easy Hawaiian inspired pulled pork recipe will serve a hungry crowd. We like to serve it in the traditional style, over rice, but you can get creative and serve it in a slider or tortilla as well. You’ll need to plan ahead because the slow cooking method is the trick to tender and succulent meat. Prep it right before bed the night before you want to serve it and you’ll wake up to a nearly finished dish.

Spicy Cucumber and Avocado Soup

Delight your senses with this creamy, fresh cold soup. A hint of spice comes through from the Serrano pepper but doesn't overwhelm. Wow your guests and serve as a first-course for your next late summer dinner party. Your guests will think you spent hours when it only takes 15 minutes to whip this up.