All in Salad

Quick-Pickle Curry Vegetables

Here in California we are in the midst of the best growing season of the year. It’s hard to resist scooping up all the vegetables that are available at our farmer’s markets right now! If you have some extra veggies on hand or want to add some zip to your meals quick-pickling is super easy and a great technique for extending the life of your crunchy produce. We chose cauliflower, carrots and asparagus but you can swap these with whatever you have on hand.

Salad Topper

Turn your basic salad into something amazing with our nutrient rich salad topper. This nut and seed mixture has energizing healthy fats, including Omega 3s from hemp seeds, as well as a bounty of minerals to keep your body running strong throughout the day. We call this a salad topper, but encourage you to think bigger: avocado toast topper, mix into your favorite grain or just eat as a snack. The versatility of this mix makes it one of our kitchen’s pantry staples.

Blistered Shishito Peppers

It’s pepper season and Shishitos are showing up on menus all around town. They are one of our go to appetizers in the fall because they taste spectacular but are also very easy to make. The smokiness in the chipotle pepper lends itself nicely to grill parties or snacks by the campfire. There will be a couple in each pint that will have a little, not too much, heat in them but most are mild in spice.

Kale 'Trick Dog' Salad

If you haven't been to 'Trick Dog' in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, you should. Not only do they have delicious cocktails in a cool venue, but they have this incredible, heaping kale salad. They use a different dressing and add parmesan cheese to theirs, so our kale salad is adapted to be allergy-friendly with our own Bites Beyond Limits twist! But this is a very hearty, delicious and easy meal to whip up! 

Tahini Dressing

This week we want to share one of our kitchen staple recipes with you, Tahini Dressing. This simple dressing can be used on salads, grilled chicken and fish or used as a dipping sauce for your favorite crudites.