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Spring Mango Rice Nests

This dessert is easy to make but you'll need to plan ahead to allow time for the rice to soak overnight. So worth it -- it's delicious! We were inspired to re-create this after having a similar sticky rice desert the Three Seasons; a Vietnamese Restaurant in the South Bay. Plus, spring time means you'll find piles of mangos in most grocery stores this time of year! 

Tahoe Chicken

We learned this method of cooking delicious chicken in a cooking class while on vacation in Tahoe, CA, hence the name, Tahoe Chicken. We added in the veggies to make this a one-skillet meal. Allow the season, and your creativity to mix up your own favorite vegetable selections. You can also cook up the chicken in the same way without the vegetables to have tasty chicken breasts on hand for salads, wraps and other meals.